Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is Cano worth $305 Million?

I read that ESPN's Buster Olney has found out that Robinson Cano is seeking $305 million over 10 years.

I'm a fan of Cano's.  I like watching him play, I love his approach at the plate.   He's a good hitter.  A solid 25-30 HR a year guy.  But I don't think he's worth $305 million over 10 years.

The real question, the question that the Yankees, and any other team out there looking for a hard hitting second basemen need to ask is, "is he worth it?"

I think that answer is no.

First for $305 Million over 10 years, you better be looking at a near lock for a first ballot hall of fame player.   I'm not sure that Cano will be.  He's a solid player, but I don't watch him play and think he's that much above the rest.  ARod when he was younger just made everyone else look like they were beneath him.  Pujols a few years ago did something similar with first basemen.

Second, ARod, Pujols, and even Alfonso Soriano, may have soured all of baseball on 10 year contracts.  It's just too much risk for a team to accept that they could be stuck owing $90 Million to a 37 year old player who is done.    Between ARod's injuries and drug scandals, and Pujols injuries, and Soriano's simple decline, the risk for a 10 year contract is so high that I don't think teams should take it.

Third does it meet the ultimate goal?  What is the ultimate goal?  I'm guessing for the Yankees, that ultimate goal is winning another world series.   He was part of the 2009 World Series, but he's also been there since then when they haven't been able to win it again.  Since he's already been with the Yankees, he's not the answer for winning another world series.   They may be better off letting him go, taking the loss on his WAR and replacing it in other positions, like pitching.

The ultimate question the Yankees have to ask themselves, is with ARod ailing, Rivera retiring, Petitte retiring, who knows what happening with Jeter, and Sabathia losing his edge quickly. Can the Yankees allow themselves to rebuild without throwing too much money at a position player that will likely not be the one to lead them back to the promised land?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What about Jason?

I read The Jason Collins Conundrum by Phil Taylor yesterday in SI.  I got the feeling that Phil was saying that Jason isn't getting calls from teams because he is gay.  He references a few other bad players who are almost as bad (but none worse) than Collins as reference points proving that Collins still deserves to be in the league.

I was impressed by Mr. Collins for his bravery.  There are so many people in this world full of hate that declaring openly that you are gay can put you in harms way, even if you aren't a pro athlete.

However, I remembered reading an article almost immediately after he announced that he was gay that stated it was unlikely that Mr. Collins would find a team to play for next year.  I went looking for that article and oddly enough it too is titled The Jason Collins Conundrum by Paul Mirengoff.

Mr. Mirengoff states that based on his performance alone it is unlikely that Jason Collins would find a team next year.

I think that it's sad that there is any discussion about Mr. Collins being blacklisted from basketball simply because he openly declared his sexuality.  I don't care what he is.  In my family we will love our kids no matter who they love.  My wife will sometimes tell the kids that she will love them even if they want to marry the toaster.

A player should be hired for his ability, if he can help a team he deserves a job, if he can't then he doesn't deserve the job.

I believe that there are other gay players in the major sports.  I believe that they will feel confident enough to announce their sexuality at some point.  I believe that teams will hire players based on their merit.  For teams, the equation is simple... Does it help them win.   I would be surprised if Mr. Collins was hired this year as anything other than a team trying to draw more fans, or show support for the gay community.  But from what I can tell, based on his performance, he is a player that the game has passed by and its time for him to move on to the next phase in his career.

Maybe he can be a coach?