Monday, August 19, 2013

A Rod.

I have so many things I could write about ARod.  I'll leave all of the history of him out for now, and just state my thoughts about the PED controversy.

Until today my thoughts have been that if ARod did break the PED rules, the same as the other players that did, why is he not given the same penalty.  As a first offense he is due a 50 game suspension just like the rest of the players.

None of these players have failed a drug test though, the evidence is 2nd hand.  I don't know the CBA, and maybe the 2nd hand evidence is enough to qualify, I don't know.  The only player that did fail a drug test is Ryan Braun, who under appeal served no suspension and won the NL MVP award.  He only received a 65 game suspension.

So in my opinion ARod's suspension length is ridiculously long in comparison.  

This morning however while watching the Today show, ARod's lawyer claimed that he has been asking the MLB to waive the non-disclosure agreement in the CBA in order for the evidence to be aired in front of all the world in the media.  If this is done it would completely turn the privacy for the legal process into a public circus.  Matt Lauer contacted the MLB who provided a document that ARod's lawyer could sign in order to give him exactly what he was asking for.   He balked.  He wouldn't talk about it and he refused to answer the direct questions that Matt Lauer was asking him.

It felt very sleazy.  As if he didn't think the MLB would ever offer to go public with everything, so they were trying to hide behind that.  And now that MLB is willing to do exactly what ARod's group was asking for, they don't want to do it.   

Ultimately it feels like ARod is guilty of something.  I believe that he will serve a suspension of some kind, but doubt that an arbitration judge upholds the 211 game suspension, without the evidence being public I would guess that the ruling will be a 50 game suspension for the first time offense just like the other players received.

As an ARod fan for a long time, I have a hard time understanding why he did it.  The other players have so much of an upside with better contracts that could come from the good season that it makes it worth it.  However, with ARod, he already is 5th all time on the HR list.  Even without taking anything he will likely move to at least 4th.  He has several years left at $30 Million a year on his contract, and after that he will be over 40 years old and is not likely to receive another contract.  So he had nothing to cheat for.   The only rationalization is that he was so driven to have the most HR's ever that he cheated to try and get there.   If he would not have cheated this time though, the rest of his stats would have been great enough that he would have likely been in the hall of fame.  Now, it's unlikely that he ever makes it there.  Even if he wins the appeal.  

I just don't understand.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Sports writer

Since I was a kid I knew I was going to be a computer programmer.  I spent an exorbitant amount of time actually writing programs and playing games so I knew what kind of programs I wanted to write.

When I wasn't on the computer though, I was watching or playing sports.   I could detail all the sports I was part of, in one way or another, but suffice it to say, I was into sports.  I wanted to combine the two passions and write programs for sports.

I was never able to do that.  Instead I write corporate programs.  It's a good job, and I still love programming and the challenge of solving problems.  But I sometimes miss the sports connection.   

I love to write about sports still, and I discuss sports, mostly with my dad still, but I am not a sport writer.   In fact I am not a writer of any ilk.  My wife tells me that my writing always seems rambling.  I am never able to get my wit or humor to show through in my writing.  I am cursed with my writing being stuck in a simple statement of opinions and facts.  It's unfortunately not very fun for others to read.

I do know this though.  I will continue to write about sports and post my opinions.