Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slow Carb diet - Week 3

I am no longer following the slow carb diet strictly.   I interpret that as a good thing though.    The purpose of the 4-Hour Body is to experiment with your body.  I have been eating much less white carbs.   I have had a few sandwiches, but not any toast by itself.    I have only had pasta on cheat day.  

For the most part breakfast still consists of eggs, onion, beans (red, black, or pinto), spinach, and peppers.   I find that when I eat a nice breakfast of this stuff I'm full all the way until lunch without needing a snack.   I also have been feeling very much awake with this as my food.

I have cut most soda out of my diet.   I occasionally have a diet pepsi, or diet mountain dew, but usually only if I'm going to drive.   I have not bought a case of either in over a month.

I am not a caffeine free nut.  I drink coffee every morning, and I will have an occasional cup of tea.

I am trying to include more exercise.   Every Monday my kids go to gymnastics at a gym, and I get to work out when they are there.   I am also trying to get another workout in during the week.

This past week I ran about 3/4 of a mile on Saturday, the first running I've done in a while.  Monday I lifted a few weights and then ran on a treadmill for 15 minutes.

Today is my weigh in.   I've done OK.  I'm only down 1/2 an inch total, but it's all in my waist.  My pants are starting to fit me a little better, instead of me spilling out of them.   I expect that in the next 2 weeks I'll need to start wearing a belt.  That is awesome.    I am also down 2 more pounds.   I'm thinking it was close to 3.  I got on the scale and it teetered back and forth between the two numbers.   I weighed myself several times and each time it teetered on the number.  I decided to go with the more conservative number.   I'd rather be honest about how much I'm losing than lying to myself.