Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Slow Carb diet - Week 1

Week 1 of the slow carb diet came and went.  I started it on Sunday, but have decided to make Tuesday my weigh-in and measurements.

As far as the slow carb diet officially goes, I'm not going to follow it 100%.    For the first week I was terrible at following it because I was on vacation and ate carbs on about half of the days.  I skipped fries and baked potatoes several times, but I did have some bread.  I did no extra exercise this week at all. Which in case you are curious means I did almost no exercise.

Weight.  Down 1 pound.
Inches. Down 2 inches.
Waist. Down half an inch

I am excited that I was able to make progress in the first week despite eating out for 5 days in a row.  I believe that being more aware of the food I'm putting into my mouth has as much of an effect as removing the white carbs does.

A couple things I've noticed.   Without breads, potatoes, and noodles in my diet I've had less of a sweet tooth.  I have consciously had less diet soda to drink, but I've also had less of a craving for it.   I have increased my water intake to more than 2 liters a day, (I refill a 1 liter bottle and drink it more than twice).  I did lose half an inch from my stomach, but it feels like even more than that.  I feel a lot less bloated than I did before.

I am continuing to read through The 4 Hour Body and plan to start adding more exercise in for Week 2.