Wednesday, March 09, 2011

No more slow carb

Yesterday was the 2 week weigh in.  And although I'm disappointed that I didn't lose more, I'm not giving up on losing weight.  I've just decided to move on from the strict slow carb diet.

My planned changes include adding fruit back into my diet.  I'm not a huge eater of fruit, but I plan on eating it occasionally, the way I did before.   I do still plan on keeping out white carbs as much as possible, no rice, pasta, or bread.   My breakfast of eggs, spinach, beans, and onions has made me feel full until lunchtime.  I plan on keeping this as often as possible.  

I am going to continue getting exercise when I can, and weighing/measuring myself every Tuesday.   I may not lose weight as fast as the Slow Carb diet was preaching, but I already wasn't losing weight like that.