Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diet - Week 4

The slow carb portion of my diet is completely gone.  I have continued eating healthier.  My breakfast is still for the most part carb free.  I've found that I am full longer when I don't eat toast or cereal at breakfast time.

My lunches and dinners are still low in carbs.  I've cut bread except for once a week subway night.  I've gotten used to eating soups without any crackers.  That's probably huge considering I used to eat an entire sleeve of Ritz with a bowl of soup. I did have nachos one night, and I had a DQ blizzard on Sunday, which is not a cheat day. I'm still trying to keep all soda out of my diet.  I've started drinking green tea during the day.  I haven't had a craving for the carbonation like I used to have.  I don't think the green tea is doing that, but that has been what I've started drinking in place of diet pepsi.

In line with the 4-Hour Body I'm fine with my calories fluctuating and not being the same every day.  Since I'm not on board with basically using laxatives on my cheat day to make sure all of my extra food is gotten rid of I've decided that my cheat day is bigger than a normal day, but I won't let myself eat just as much of anything as I can.  I have let myself eat any types of food without concern on that day, just not to an absurd quantity.

I have continued to try and work in more exercise.  I'm trying to use muscle building as a way to make me stronger and look better.  I used to be a running machine, and I still love and want to run, but I am trying to do more with weights than cardio.  I'm sort of following the minimal workout to biuld muscle that is listed in the 4-Hour Body.  I'm pushing myself to max for shoulder press, pull downs, leg press, and bench press.  I've definitely been pushing hard because my muscles ache for days after a hard workout.   As the weather has gotten nicer I'm also trying to get out and do more outside.   Sunday for example I took the kids to the park and ran for about 15 minutes.  I'm not sure how long it was, but it felt good.

Today was another weigh-in day.  I still have not had a big drop in weight.  However it's down another pound.  In 4 weeks I'm only down 4 pounds, however, I'm down 6 inches total, and 2 of those are from my waist.

I'm happy that progress is still moving in the right direction.  My plan for the next week is to eat well, exercise well, and drop 2 pounds.  It would be the first 2 pound drop in weight, but I'm going to see if I can make it happen.