Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slow Carb thoughts

As I started reading the 4 Hour Body I wanted the results he has been talking about and it excited me enough to jump right into the diet before I had finished reading about it.   At the least I will be eating more healthy than before, but I may not it quite right to start with.

My biggest concerns going into this is cutting carbs.   I am a carboholic.  There was a skit, I don't remember if it was SNL or MadTV, but it was about a carboholic who ate spaghetti sandwiches.   That could have been made about me without being a joke.   I could eat spaghetti with Garlic bread and potatoes.  So switching to a low carb diet is being a huge change.

Starting this was actually a big problem for my wife too.  She's upset that we aren't doing the same diet.   I'm all for doing the same diet, but I wanted to try this one.  She is mad because she doesn't want to do a no carb diet. And I think she's right that anyone can definitely lose weight with almost any diet.  And maybe I'm being duped by Tim Ferris and how he's able to sell the results in his book.   The only other thing I've read that made me want to try it as much as this is the Body For Life plan.   I loved everything about the Body For Life plan, except my body couldn't take the strenuous workouts that it called for, I broke down and couldn't make it 90 days.

The timing for starting the diet is odd, it may even be bad.   I decided that I wanted to start getting the benefits and weight loss now, even if i have to stop following it for a short time, I want to get in the habit of doing it.   I started on Sunday, but this week I'm going on a mini-vacation with my wife.   Three days on the road I expect that I'm going to break some rules.   I'm going to do my best to make good conscious choices, but most likely I will break the rules more than once.

Eating on the road is another concern of mine.  Every other Friday I drive to pick up my son and I'm gone for at least 4 hours after work, so I grab fast food on the way.   However the fast food places don't have slow carb options.  I read about a Chipotle diet yesterday that sounds like a good eating out option.  There is a Chipotle and a QDoba in town where I work, but they aren't good to eat and drive.  I'm still trying to figure out what I'll do on those days.   I may bring myself a second smaller meal to work and eat late in the afternoon before I leave, then find a good slow-carb option at a restaraunt a few hours later when I'm in the town where I pick up my son.