Monday, February 21, 2011

Slow Carb diet

I've been reading "4 Hour Body" by Tim Ferris.   Yesterday I decided to start the slow carb diet.   It turns out that most of my food is carbs, and although I don't eat lots of high fat food, I do eat tons of carbs.    This diet will definitely be a challenge for me.  

Without being sure how it will go my original goal is 2 weeks.   I want to do my best to stay on it for 2 weeks and post about it every day.

On Sunday I went to Flat Top grill for breakfast.  It is something my wife and I have both been wanting to do for a while, and I was excited that we were finally able to.   My first meal of the day however I broke the carb rule.  I had some potatoes, pinapple, and a mini-muffin.   The majority of my breakfast was an omellette with a lot of spinach, broccoli, black beans, and onion.  I had two turkey sausage links on the side.

I had to work on Sunday so lunch was going to be something easy, however, work didn't go the way it was supposed to and it dragged on from 1PM until 7PM.    My lunch ended up being a lot of snacking.   I ate mushrooms, and baby carrots with hummus.   I also had some lunch meat by itself.

Since work took so long dinner plans also did not work out.  Originally I was going to make chili for supper but we didn't have all of the ingredients.  Then by a stroke of luck we were invited to my wife's Aunt's house for dinner.  She is a good cook so I was looking forward to it, but work was not done yet.  Erin went without me.

I only snacked on things until after 7.   My stomach was growling hungrily at me, but I was too busy to take time out to make a meal.   I grabbed a handful of peanuts, cashews, carrots, and mushrooms trying to hold me over.   Finally I ate dinner.   I had a can of Campbell's vegetable beef, and I pulled out all of the potatoes. I think half of the content is potatoes.  Not surprisingly I was still hungry afterwards.   I ended up eating some more lunch meat.  

I definitely need to plan meals better.  With this rather drastic change in eating I don't want to leave it until the last minute to figure out what I can eat.   If I do then I'll be more likely to cheat and eat carbs.