Friday, February 11, 2011

Charter schools better than public schools.

I read on FoxNews another story about charter schools outperforming public schools.  By now the problem should be clear.  The way public schools are run does not measure up.   There needs to be changes and they need to happen soon.  

The no child left behind legislation has ruined schools.  Once the school is ruined enough it can be taken over by a private charter that does better. 

Don't wait for things to be ruined.  Fix them now.  Do things the way charters are doing them and make that the standard.   Clearly they have a proven method for performance.   If the no child left behind legislation actually stood for anything it would not only allow schools to change to the same model as charters it would force them to.   The numbers don't lie, there is a better way and it's being done in the same area with the same students and winning.