Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lebron James

The Lebron James race has begun.  NBA teams are falling over themselves to get Lebron James to come to their team.  Money is not going to be the selling point.  There are several teams that have enough salary cap room to offer him the max amount possible, so other than staying where he is in Cleveland the possibility of earning more money won't be enticing.

How do you sell your team to Lebron James?  First you have to have the pieces to compliment his game in order to win a championship.  Second I think you need a track record of being able to at least make the playoffs.  Third you need intangibles.  The city, the fans, the arena, the amenities.  I think these actually have something to do with where he will play.  I've given up on watching basketball since Jordan left the Bulls, but Lebron coming to Chicago would be enough to make me interested in catching a few games again.

I don't know the NBA well enough to know which team has the inside edge.  I don't think it's Cleveland because even though they can offer him more money individually I don't think he has as many of the intangible opportunities in Cleveland.  And the team may have been the best in the division last season with him, but without him they would not have been very good, he elevated that team a lot.  It also does not sound like Cleveland is planning to do much to bring one of the other big free agents in to help them get over the hump and win that elusive championship.

I think Lebron James is more like a game of roulette at the moment.  Each team has different intangibles to offer. Place your bets and wait for the ball to stop bouncing.