Thursday, June 03, 2010

Volunteers to simulate 18 months on Mars.

Volunteers to begin Mars500 isolation.  I love the psychological sides that this can bring.  I expect that there is down time.  The only communication with the outside is email, and an email has a 20 minute delay.  I wonder if they are allowed anything for entertainment.  I expect that cards would be useless with a more weightless environment.  Can they use a Kindle?   The e-ink lasts a lot longer and uses very little battery, it could provide a very small item that has limitless content to be read.   Many books could be stored on it to start with, but new ones could also be emailed I would think.

I expect that there is also a power limit on what they can use.  Has e-ink made it into any actual computing devices yet?  I read an article the other day that showed a demo of it on a flexible screen showing color images.  If it's not there yet, I expect that in the next 5 years that e-ink will be in use on some high end laptops with extreme battery life because the screen will use a lot less and the hard drive will be a solid state drive.