Friday, June 18, 2010

Budget inaction leaves Illinois adrift -

Budget inaction leaves Illinois adrift - "As a result, for the moment, about $6 billion in state bills are simply going unpaid."

Illinois is not paying it's bills. The state legislature cannot find a way to fund all of the programs that it wants to run, and refuses to be the bad guy and cut things, so they passed the buck to the governor. I understand why. Nobody wants to be the bad guy that had to cut funding for education, although with the hole that the state is in, it is going to happen. This way the fault lies with a single person. The governor. The state legislatures are hoping that it saves them their own jobs at the next election. I hope people wake up and see that it's those people who cannot manage the money that the state has and they all need to be replaced.

The sad fact is that governments at every level are paying for public projects that are beyond what the government should be about. The government needs to remove itself from as many of those extra areas as it can and stick to providing only the basics that we need. A smaller government needs less money, which balances the budget. Yes that means that there are programs, lots of them, even things that are good, that should go away. Unfortunately many of these are essentially charities being run by the government. Instead charities should run these. They will do a better job than government will anyway.