Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Michael Crabtee should get what he deserves

I believe that Michael Crabtree should get exactly what he deserves, which is not what he thinks he deserves.

What Michael Crabtree has done is get drafted 1oth and turned down money for 10th. He's still holding out and may possibly re-enter the draft next year.

I think there should be a new rule that a player who holds out an entire season cannot be drafted in the same round that they were drafted in previously. That would make the 2nd round the highest he could be drafted, and his pay after next years draft would reflect a 2nd round pick. That would deter these college athletes who haven't done anything to prove that they can play in the NFL from being able to turn down $20 Million offers in the hopes of $30 Million offers. That's just flat out wrong. Ask the millions of people who will never see that kind of money.

Suck it up dude. Take the $15 Million or so being offered to you and get to work. After all, don't you have to make some money so you can make a living, or did your college find a way to pay you under the table?