Monday, September 14, 2009

Cutler is to blame

The Bears lost the first game, and I think everyone last night was clear on what the problem was. Jay Cutler made mistake after mistake. However, listening to 670AM "the score" this morning the radio guys are ripping on the defense secondaries.

My take is this. In a game where the offense lost the field position battle big time by giving away the ball on 4 interceptions and a fake punt, the defense still managed to get a safety, and keep Green Bay to very few points. The defense played so good that with as bad as the Bears played they still won the time of possession battle and had more yards offense. That's pretty impressive.

The Bears lost simply because of Jay Cutler. Sure I think Ron Turner is partly to blame for calling so many pass plays when the quarterback was clearly not settled. But even with a pass play being called Cutler consistently threw off of his back foot and threw to his "favorite" receiver despite him being double, triple, and even quadruple covered. Throwing to someone else, checking down, or throwing the ball away would have been a better decision many times yesterday.