Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer weight loss

I've let myself get fat. Too fat. I've moved up a pants size and if it weren't for expandable waist pants, I would be up two sizes.

I plan on posting a once a week update on where I'm at and what I did in the previous week to exercise.

Today: 241 pounds.
Previous week.
Sunday: 3 mile bike ride. 1.5 mile run.
Saturday: Some pushups.
Friday: Walked to the library and back about 1.75 miles
Thursday: Funeral in the morning. Run at night about 1.5 miles.
Wednesday: Visitation - standing around for 5 hours, no exercise.
Tuesday: On vacation at waterpark. Walked some.
Monday: On vacation at waterpark. Walked some.

My goal is for next week's exercise to look a lot more consistent.