Friday, June 12, 2009

Baseball game 5

Game 5 and the 3rd this week.

The kids did good again. We got another putout on the bases. And Chloe, the youngest on the team, nearly got a hit. She it the ball and ran to first. But the other team was able to beat her there and get the putout. I was so excited and hollering "run, run, run" I may have scared her some, she's the 2nd fastest on the team and was slowing down as she got to first, she was also still holding the bat. It was awesome, and sad at the same time. If she'd have dropped the bat and ran then she would have made it.

We hit the ball well, but were unable to score. We just couldn't get enough hits in a row. Zion, the oldest on the team had two rips into the outfield (actually on the grass), the first was a double, the second was on the first base side so he only got a single out of it.

I'm still waiting for Ady to get a hit. Her swings tonight were a little weak, she moved her arms through the motion, but the bat pointed straight down. I definitely need to work with her more on how to swing the bat.