Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baseball game 3

Game 3 was tonight at 7:30 PM. We lost.

Last week the pitching machine went bad enough that the other coach and I agreed to pitch to the kids ourselves. That was probably the biggest mistake. Despite pitching to the kids all the time in practice, I could not get them a good pitch to hit, and the limit of 3 strikes was really a problem.

We did get our second putout of the season when the pitcher picked up a short hit ball and ran home and touched the plate before the running attempting to score. The very next batter she had a second chance to do it again, but didn't because the umpire had moved in front of the plate to remove the dropped bat for safety. She was visibly upset that she could not make another out at the plate.

While game 2 was great because all of the kids were focused, game 3 was riddled with distracted and tired kids. I was constantly telling kids to stand up, something I have not had to do yet this season, and telling them to put their gloves back on. I even moved the girl playing pitcher out of pitcher after having told her several times to keep her glove on. Pitcher is probably the only position that a ball will get to on a fly, and I didn't want her to get hurt.

Sadly, one of my parents called and said her daughter would not be playing softball anymore. She wasn't having fun and they aren't going to make her go to it. My team now officially has 10 kids on it.

Game 4 is tomorrow night at 7:30 PM. Hopefully the kids are a little more alert.