Thursday, June 04, 2009

Baseball game 2

In our second game of the season we played well.

We faced an odd spring loaded pitching machine that made it more difficult for the kids to hit than before. At the end of the game we had 6 hits, and no runs. We outdid our opponents who only had 4 hits and no runs.

The most exciting moment came in the second inning when we recorded our first putout at first base. Savanah moved to her right 3 steps, picked up the ball and ran back to the base to make the out. There were two other times during the game that we nearly had a putout at first, Savanah was just late on one time, and Kailyn was just late once.

Sadly our last out was made with the bases loaded, one more hit would have given us a win. Three of our team did not make it to the game.

After the game the other coach and I talked for about 10 minutes. Neither of us like the pitching machine. It's not consistent in how it's throwing and the kids are having a hard time getting hits, we both would prefer to have coaches pitch to our own kids. Hopefully a conversation with the woman in charge will allow us to switch from the pitching machine to coaches pitch. Hopefully then the kids will have more fun and success hitting the ball.

Our next game is not until next Friday.