Wednesday, May 20, 2009

$3 for one song?

The new Green Day album is out, and I want it, even though I haven't heard a single song from it. I love Green Day, despite not caring for most of the music on the radio stations that they play. So I don't hear their songs very often when new ones are released.

I got my newsletter from Amazon and noticed in it that there are two Green Day albums that are in the top 10 best selling. So I went to look at them. The first one I noticed was the Amazon exclusive. Awesome, one you can buy only from Amazon and get a great deal on...

$11.99 for a new album with 19 songs on it. That's a pretty good deal vs. buying them for $0.99 each.

Then I checked the other album.

This one is only 8.99, with 18 songs. I went through and looked, it's got all the same songs as the Amazon Exclusive, except for the last one. And it's $3 cheaper. So I could buy this album, and spend the $0.99 for the extra song and still save $2. I don't understand why the Exclusive album costs so much more.

** Updated post (6/10/2009) I noticed that the difference in price is now $1, I doubt that this blog post was the reason, someone probably complained more directly to Amazon, but I can think that my blog may have persuaded them to fix the pricing.