Monday, March 30, 2009

Trying to keep my head up in down times

The economy, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel. This is nuts. What's next, is China going to invade someone?

Companies keep trimming their employees in hopes of staying ahead of the economic curve. But less employees means less people who can afford someone else's product, and it's those people that are buying yours. It creates a chain reaction.

People temporarily stopped buying cars to save money, car companies laid off thousands of workers, which caused lots of other businesses to need to cut back so they could stay open, and that caused people to not be able to buy cars. Next thing you know almost nobody is working for car companies, and nobody is buying cars. I'm not advocating employing people and losing money, but if companies keep trimming their staff to stay ahead of the curve, they are going to keep adding to the curve.

I've been blessed. At my job I've not been laid off. I've been given a nearly impossible deadline to meet, which will cause endless hours, but at least I'm being paid for it, and I'm very grateful for that. I like the challenge, but stress a lot about the outcome. Even now I'm working, I'm just waiting for my server to restart, and it's nearly 10 PM.

Normally I turn to work in stressful times, but when the work is stressful I turn to family. I'm blessed to have a great family with 3 wonderful kids and an awesome wife. Coming home to them makes me feel good.

Do your best to keep your head up.