Friday, January 09, 2009

What would I like to see from Windows 7

I've been using Windows XP for quite some time. And I have done my best to avoid Vista. I have a desktop computer at home that I will not upgrade, and we don't use it at my job. My wife's laptop however came with Vista on it.

What I can say from my experiences with Vista is that it runs slow, uses a lot of RAM and processing power and has been difficult to install new things on other peoples computers when they ask me to help them out.

The OS has become more annoying also because of the different variations of it. I dabble in web development, so I would like to be able to play with that on the side, using Java, ASP, ASP.Net, Ruby, Javascript, etc. My wife just needs the computer to store and organize her pictures and music. We both need the web.

What I would like to see from Windows 7 is:
  • Easier ability to install things. Don't make actions that I am initiating so annoying by asking me if I want to do them over and over.
  • Don't make restore points optional. They may slow an installation, but will save people more than hurting them.
  • Use less resources. I want the OS to be as small as possible. Reduce the size and consumption of resources the OS needs as well as making it faster.
  • Security is a big deal. There seems to be a new way to hack Windows monthly. Stop adding new features and start going back through all of your code to slim it down, and remove the problems.
  • Only have one OS option. I don't want to be upset that the computer I bought had the wrong version of windows and I can't do what I want with it. Make the base OS the same for everything, and whatever is actually considered as differences now, offer as either free or paid software to the OS.