Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama's tough challenge

When taking office, Barak Obama is facing more issues than any president other than FDR. Even Lincoln only had a south threatening to leave, which would divide the country.

The big things that everyone sees are:
  • the war in Iraq
  • the war in Afghanistan
  • the economic crisis of the world
  • What to do with prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
Some smaller things are:
  • How to stimulate adoption of clean energy to increase the US energy independence.
  • What to do with NASA with the space shuttle being retired and Bush setting a plan to land on Mars.
  • What to do with the No Child Left Behind act. It has some major problems, how can they be fixed, but more importantly how do we improve schools and learning?
  • Israel, which seems to be begging to be the center of attention more than normally.
  • Russia, first an all out attack on Georgia, now cutting off natural gas from eastern Europe, are they becoming a problem again?

When it comes to the government and the future I have lots of questions and surprisingly very few suggestions. I hope that the team he is putting in place will be able to handle all of these known issues, plus whatever comes up.