Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my oldest

My oldest turned 7 the other day. He is growing so fast. We will celebrate this weekend with him. For his birthday we got on Skype and called him, he was able to see the entire family singing him Happy Birthday.

Technology has played a large role in the long distance parenting we have been doing with him. We instant message with his mom about him and anything. We keep up to date with random cell phone calls and Jonas himself will instant message us occasionally.

I've read bedtime stories over the phone and sent my love many times.

Skype is the newest long distance technology. We can now video conference with him. He puts his little headset on with the mic coming around his face to his mouth and looks like such a handsome little geek. That's my boy. It's amazing how much technology is ingrained into his life at only 7. Being able to read and write and now type (hunt and peck style) are a huge benefit for him. Jonas is ready for the technology that is being ingrained into every aspect of life.

Jonas I love you, Happy Birthday.