Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goodbye BMG

I've been a fan of BMG for years. I've been a member now 3 different times in my life, and probably 1/4 of the music that I've purchased in my life has come from them.

I used to love getting their magazine in the mail and circling all of the music that I wanted. In today's world. I don't even get the magazine anymore, I just go to the website.

However, in today's world, BMG sucks. I can no longer say I love it. I don't, I hate it. I have decided to end my relationship with BMG. Their website sucks. You can't even see what songs are on a CD, much less get a sample of them. Their selection is small and only seems to be getting smaller, and most annoyingly, they mark many of their titles as premium titles. This means that they are not elligable for any of the sales that are offered. Thus all sales only apply to CDs that I'm not interested in. Thanks but no thanks BMG. I can get better prices and better shipping on actual CDs from Amazon than from you, even without sales.

I now prefer digital music, and I prefer DRM free to iTunes. When looking for music my first choice it to check Amazon for MP3s then, I compare the price to iTunes, for a laugh, I will also check BMG, but I've never found any of the new music that I'm interested in for a better deal at BMG. If it weren't for the oringal new member offer to get 10 free CDs I probably would not have joined, and I won't again, even with that kind of offer. It's insane to pay $4 for shipping on each CD. BMG has got to be making more money on shipping than it is on CD sales. And I will not support that business model.

I'm sorry BMG, but you have lost me as a customer, and unless something changes, you won't win me back.