Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Which candidate I support...

Which candidate I support is not as important as the fact that I'll be out there supporting a candidate and voting.

I support the American way, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I don't believe happiness needs to be handed to everyone, nor that everyone deserves a chance to be rich, only that no undeserved obstacles be placed in the path of people. I believe that all men are created equal and it is how you live your life from then on that determines where you stand in this world. I believe that capitalism is a good thing and socialism is the absolute worst evil ever created by greedy people trying to take what they did not earn.

I am a very vocal person and will stand up and state my beliefs about philosophy, god, religions. I will answer any controversial topic with a personal one on one conversation about what I believe and why I have come to that belief.

I don't believe that anyone should believe something simply because that's what they were told. Each person should consider what they hear and weigh those facts with the rest of the knowledge that they have to determine if it is plausible even. Nothing should be believed blindly...Nothing.

I don't mind that there are thousands of people coming out and stating who they are voting for. The sad and disappointing fact is that a majority of the reason I see people supporting a candidate is that the candidate is running for the party they have always supported, or because of the person's race. I have sadly seen too many people claim to be voting in this election based on race for both sides.

What I believe most of all though, is that each of us, all American citizens, have a great priviledge living in this country. We have freedoms of speech and religion. We have rights to bear arms, and to drink (which was once taken from us). But we also have responsibilities. We owe it to the world to lead in all ways that make a great capitalism democracy great. We owe it to ourselves to not spend more than we make, individually or as a nation. We owe it to those companies that do offer us money when we don't have it to pay them back when we have taken advantage of their benefits beyond our means. Not repaying our debts is part of what causes those companies to need to move their operations overseas in order to cut costs. Our national debt may soon cause some of the same problems at a much larger scale.

As Americans we have great prosperity. We have computers, and TVs and fast food, and cars, and so many ways to entertain ourselves that it's bizarre to think about.

We owe our country a debt. We need to pay our taxes. And we need to vote. I have a feeling that this election will be the one with the most participation in American history. That's great, but it's only a start. All elections should be that way.

Every year you should take the time to know what's going on in your local community and support it, or vote againt it, but you should vote every year. It takes a small investment of your time to have your say in this country that provides so many great things for you. You owe it that.