Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday we ventured out to Chuck-E-Cheese for Ady's 5th birthday celebration. There was no party, just lunch and playing. A friend also came and had lunch. With one of our kids living full time somewhere else, we make sure that birthday celebrations are always on a weekend when everyone is here, we don't want any of our kids to miss giving each other the love that they have for each other at birthday time.

Our lunch started at 12:30, and was a relatively peaceful and easy 3 hours. It's strange to say that 3 hours later, we were finally worn out from being there, but I wasn't frustrated at all. My kids almost never frustrate me when we're at Chuck-E-Cheese, it's the other little brats that cut in front of my kids, or push them, or run through them, or, even take their tickets or tokens that I get mad at. Those kids I just want to pick up and walk to the front door and make them stand their until their parents come looking for them. Yesterday though, there was nothing like that. The other kids were all polite. I was completely shocked, there wasn't a single instance of any other kid being rude. It almost made me sad to go, because I wanted to take advantage of the niceness as long as possible. And I had a salad bar, so another hour and I could start eating more salad for dinner.

As we were getting ready to leave Erin asked our friends if they wanted to come over to the house too. Our kids and theirs have a blast playing together. I was shocked, and excited that they said yes. We don't get to visit with them as much as I'd like to. Another 5 hours later they took their tired kids and headed for home. At bed time we always ask the kids what their favorite part of the day is. A tradition my wife started, that I love. Ending each day by reflecting on the good parts of the day, it's a good habit that I hope they keep for the rest of their lives. Each kids favorite part was playing with their friends, which Jonas stated was "pretty much the whole day, that was my favorite part". I'm glad to see we can make the day good for all of you, hopefully this will be a birthday celebration to remember.

In the spirit of birthday celebration, Ady woke up this morning and said, "Since it's my birthday celebration, can I have toast and butter without crust?" I don't know why she wants it without crust she almost always eats the crust, but that's something special that she asks for from time to time. Erin's answer was quickly, "no, today's not your birthday, on your birthday you can have toast and butter without crust". No harm in trying to milk a birthday celebration for all it's worth.