Tuesday, July 01, 2008

When will the internet offer replacements for Cable?

When will the internet offer replacements for Cable TV? On Cable, or Satelite TV, I'm forced to pay a large fee in order to get the channels that I want. I love baseball and want to watch the White Sox, but those games are on the extended cable package. So in order for me to have 1 channel to watch I have to pay $50 a month. I don't care about almost any of the other channels that are available, I just want to be able to watch the White Sox play.

You would think that something would exist to fill this void, and on the surface of things, it appeared that MLB.tv may be what I was looking for. However, when I started looking more cloesly at it, there is a black out policy. Basically any game that would be on the extended Cable channel is not available on MLB.tv because it's my local team. If I were a huge Texas Rangers fan I'd be ok, but since I live "close" to Chicago and it would be on TV I am not allowed to pay in order to watch the games that I want to watch. MLB.tv makes sense. It's only $60 for the entire season, which is all the games for every team, not just the games that I would have had on TV. I'm a big enough fan that I'm willing to pay for that kind of immersion enjoyment, but only if I can get my favorite team.

Thus, no sale. I will not pay the $60, even to see a lot more baseball than what I could see if I paid for extended cable. And I will not pay for extended cable. And since I won't pay $60 for all the games for a season, you can bet I'm not paying to go to a game. Thus, the team that I love to cheer for and watch doesn't make any money off of me. I'm stuck just reading summaries on the internet and catching an occasional game when I'm at someone else's house, when they have the channel.

Baseball is not the only sport missing out here. All the major sports could also get more viewership, hockey and soccer could probably benefit more than baseball and football can. Plus many other sports with avid practicioners that have no way to view them other than to attend events live. They cannot always make it to an event. Imagine college baseball, volleyball, swim meets. Alumni's of school, especially past athletes may love to keep up with their school and pay for watching, all that has to happen is they need to be recorded and posted.

How long will it be, before the internet actually offers us the opportunity to view content that is just not available anywhere else?