Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lazy Man's Ironman: Half way recap.

The first half of the Lazy man's Ironman has been interesting. My plan was to keep myself busy running, biking and swimming as often as possible, and I would be done by the 20th without much of a problem.

Instead I'm now at the half way point with 11.4 miles left to run (Less than half), 20 laps left to swim (less than 1/3) and 75.8 miles left (well over half).

Initially I thought swimming would be the most difficult portion of the adventure. I can only swim at the Y and I hadn't swam laps in a long time. Swimming however, has been the easiest for me.

I thought running would be the easiest for me. I run frequently and ran a lot last year. This month I have gotten back into the habit of running, but I'm still way behind where I was last year. Running has been harder on my feet and back than I anticipated.

Biking. I expected this to be the hardest and it has been. Partly because I lost my recumbent bike in my flooded basement last month. Riding on a real bike outside works my legs slightly different and is probably easier on my legs, but it hurts my butt so much more that I can't ride more than twice a week outside and tolerate sitting the rest of the time. That has limited me to one real bike riding day with the rest of my rides being at the Y on their recumbent bike.

I think I'll still accomplish my goal. It will take me 4 days of running, 2 days of swimming and 9 to 11 days of riding. As long as I do two things in a day I'll be able to complete them all before the month ends.