Friday, July 25, 2008

100 Things

Challenged by Erin's 100 Things list to produce a similarly stellar list, I decided to list 100 things about me.

  1. I'm a bicentennial baby.
  2. My favorite movie of all time is 1776 (yes I like musicals)
  3. America's favorite past-time Baseball, is my favorite sport.
  4. Football is a close second.
  5. I had my first asthma attack when I was about 8, I still remember the fear and the home remedy things that we tried to get me breathing again.
  6. I had my last asthma attack when I was 20, the 12 years in between were hell, I love to run.
  7. I love to run.
  8. I've run a marathon, 26.2 miles, it's the greatest physical feat that I have performed.
  9. I hate losing.
  10. I started coaching Little League when I was 13.
  11. I've never had a losing season coaching.
  12. I've had two undefeated seasons, it was coaching junior high girls softball, and both seasons were amazing.
  13. My oldest boy is named Jonas, the name came to me when I was 12 and I always knew that it would be the name of my son.
  14. I have a little plastic white tiger that I bought at the Mall of America that I named Jonas to always remind me that I would name my son Jonas one day.
  15. I had my first kiss at 4 in Kindergarten, with Michelle.
  16. I had my first girlfriend when I was 17, with Alison.
  17. The 12 years between were hell.
  18. I've won the Superbowl in Super Tecmo Bowl (Nintendo) as every team in the game.
  19. I could beat The Legend of Zelda in 2 hours.
  20. Tom Elroy and I once played the same game on Nintendo non-stop for 36 hours, sleeping in shifts in order to beat the game. Save on the Nintendo had stopped working correctly so we could not stop.
  21. My best friend, Scott, lives in Arizona and I don't get to see him anymore.
  22. I started programming when I was 9 on a Commodore 64. The manual had the commands for BASIC and I taught myself.
  23. I have been self taught at practically every language I have ever learned, with Turbo Pascal being the only exception.
  24. I almost got kicked out of school in high school for screwing up the grading program. I was doing something I wasn't supposed to be and the teachers grades for the year were lost 1 week before the end of the year.
  25. I had a college room mate that lit me on fire.
  26. I like to go above and beyond, doing more than the minimum.
  27. I am very orderly and once I figure out how something works best for me, I do it almost the same way every time.
  28. When loading the dishwasher knives go in sharp side down, all other utensils go in eating side up. It gets them the cleanest.
  29. I stepped on a broken bottle when I was young and cut the artery in the bottom of my foot. I still have a scar from the stitches.
  30. I don't go out barefoot anymore.
  31. I cut my ankle down to the bone playing on a slip-n-slide.
  32. I cut my finger in a Roast Beef slicer when I was 17.
  33. Erin doesn't think I'm as funny as she is.
  34. I babysat 2 kids full time in the summer when I was 12.
  35. I started working at Hardees when I was 16. I worked there until my junior year in college.
  36. This one time at band camp...I was in band camp for 5 years, and although I heard crazy stories about it, I was never a part of them.
  37. I played soccer for 5 years, but chose band when I got to high school.
  38. My high school band won state all 4 years I was there.
  39. This list is not 100 ways I love my wife, that list has to remain out of the public domain.
  40. I hate to have my nose touched.
  41. I love programming and if I were rich enough to not need to work, I'd still program.
  42. My heart is truly filled by my wife and kids.
  43. Erin gave me an unexpected wedding wearing White Sox jerseys, I wouldn't have asked for it, but it is more memorable to me than a more traditional wedding would have been.
  44. My ex-wife and I are still friends good friends.
  45. The coolest vacation I have ever been on was staying at a Holiday Inn in Decatur when I was young. It had an indoor putting range and a pool.
  46. I have seen Billy Joel in concert, I loved it.
  47. I have also seen Carrot Top in concert. I laughed so hard my sides hurt for days.
  48. I'm not spontaneous. Even the things that appear spontaneous to others, I have been thinking about and planning.
  49. I want to be stronger, but I lose motivation to lift weights quickly.
  50. The coolest medal I earned was for helping a friend coach his Little League team in a post-season tournament, we won. I wasn't really part of the staff, but they appreciated me so much they gave me a medal.
  51. The 2nd coolest was for first place in a math test taken in high school. It was multiple choice and I didn't know the topic, so i just guessed on everything. I scored an 85%, the next highest was 40% and he was the smartest person I knew.
  52. I hate pretty much all games with dice, when it comes to dice I have no luck.
  53. My kids amaze me nearly every day.
  54. Jonas is crazy smart, almost to the point that I worry that his social skills will suffer.
  55. Ady is amazing and will be in charge of whatever she does.
  56. Jaden has an ability to solve puzzles that I've never seen in a 2 year old.
  57. I love how my kids ask me questions about everything, the curiosity is amazing.
  58. I am a life long learner and try to learn new things on purpose daily.
  59. If I could take a pill to not sleep, I would.
  60. I miss that Jonas lives far enough away from me that I won't get to coach the sports he plays growing up, and I'll probably miss most of his games.
  61. When I was growing up my parents came to practically every event of everything I was ever in, even in college they would drive 2 hours to watch a 30 minute concert.
  62. In college I took a rifle/pistol class where I earned a Marksman metal for rifle.
  63. I also took a bowling class.
  64. I was so far ahead in classes needed to graduate that my last semester I only needed 6 hours, so I had to take additional courses to remain a full time student and live on campus.
  65. I worked through the work program at EIU at the TV station. I wrote a few programs to help ease data entry.
  66. I have never left the country, not even to Mexico or Canada.
  67. The sweetest sound in the world is my wife's voice, unless she's mad at me.
  68. I follow politics and think that everyone should participate by speaking their mind and voting.
  69. I believe in smaller government and less programs.
  70. Atlas Shrugged is the greatest philosophical book of all times, and it's written as fiction.
  71. My career as a poet never took off, I was not published in any of the 50+ contests I entered between 5th grade and graduating college.
  72. I own leaves of grass but have not been able to get into reading it, despite trying several times.
  73. I hate not finishing a book that I start, even if it's bad.
  74. I once had an argument with a gay man about whether people were born that way or chose to be that way. I didn't know he was gay, to me it was just a philosophical discussion. Looking back it's pretty funny.
  75. I grew up with religion, but I never had faith until Lloye.
  76. If I could afford to, I would only have office chairs in my house for seats, no couches, no kitchen chairs, just office chairs.
  77. Every computer deserves 2 monitors.
  78. Ady can amaze me with her love, then turn around and scare the hell out of me with her anger.
  79. My kids are the greatest source of joy in my life.
  80. My wife is the greatest source of passion.
  81. My kitchen is the greatest source of dishes. Erin hates to hand wash dishes.
  82. I have seen both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
  83. I've been to Washington DC twice and still haven't made it to the top of the Washington Monument.
  84. I've lived within 3 hours of Wrigley field my entire life and never been to a game there, what can I say, I'm a White Sox fan.
  85. I love to walk through nature and nothing is as soothing as running water.
  86. I've been accused of having the mind of a 15 year old. Whatever that means.
  87. One day I plan on getting another tattoo, yes another.
  88. I'm a tech geek who doesn't own anything from Apple.
  89. My hair is thinning and in a few years I will be bald on top.
  90. I play musical instruments, Trombone and Piano, I am learning guitar very slowly.
  91. I have all of my wisdom teeth, I have since I was in high school
  92. I want to be more handy and help out with things like Habitat for Humanity.
  93. I like being involved in coaching my kids in sports and look forward to the many years of activity to come.
  94. We squeeze our family of 5 into a Chevy Cavalier.
  95. One day I will get a bigger car, when we can afford it.
  96. I own as many pairs of shoes as my wife, she's an anomaly and doesn't own very many.
  97. I cook a really good omelet.
  98. I prefer to have no icons on my computer.
  99. My favorite food is hamburgers on the fire pit at Aunt Shel's.
  100. I prefer to be environmentally friendly and would love to work at home and use natural products for as many things as possible. I recycle as much as I can.
Strangely 100 things was not hard to come up with. I probably could have made a list of 200 things, but that would just make me look conceited.