Monday, June 23, 2008

The hundred pushup challenge: week 1

At the start of last year I set 3 fitness goals for myself. I wanted to run a marathon, do 100 pushups straight, and do 10 pull-ups. My commitment lagged though and I only completed the marathon. For me this may have been the easiest of my three goals. I had been running with a goal of completing a marathon for over a decade, I had definitely put more time towards that goal than towards anything else.

The other two goals not only got lost in the running mania that became much of my life, but they were completely forgotten, until Tuesday last week when I stumbled into a web site. It was a 100 pushup challenge, and has a 6 week training program. Supposedly following this pushup program will build the strength to be able to do 100 pushups straight. Without even having looked ahead at the program, I knew that this was going to be my next challenge.

Out of all the exercises that I do, pushups are the one that I'm probably the most consistent with. I may get away from the weights and stop running for a while, but I still have a habit, no matter how lazy I'm being, of dropping down and doing 20-30 pushups just about anytime I feel like I need to exercise. Sometimes it helps motivate me to do more, sometimes I stop after just one set. However I am strong enough to do 30 pushups without a problem. That was enough to start me in the advanced section.

I'm not really sure of my progress after 1 week. I did made it through all 3 workouts. The first day wasn't hard at all, but the 2nd day I still had a lot of pain from the first workout. However, workout #3 was pain free and I maxed out at 32 pushups, which made my 3rd day total 80 pushups.

The other benefit is that starting this challenge has made me realize that I want to look better when I complete it than when I started it. I've been much more conscious of what I ate this past week, as well as having walked and run more. At the end of this 6 weeks, I should be able to do 100 pushups and look better doing it.