Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A great start to summer

Now that Jonas and Ady have now both had their graduation ceremonies, and it's hot enough to be out playing on shorts and a t-shirt, or our kids favorite, no-sleeve shirt, the summer is well on it's way.

Jonas graduated then immediately came to spend 2 weeks with us. Here that time is almost over, but it's been awesome. He's had fun, I've had fun, everyone has had fun. T-ball Finally started last week on Thursday night for Ady.

Ady and Erin are both taking swim lessons. Jaden finished his, and we decided to give him a break from them, getting both Jaden and Ady into back to back classes was stressful and difficult.

Jonas is signed up for a basketball camp and he's learning more of the ins and outs of basketball. He didn't seem to have a passion for it this winter when playing, but after just 2 days of camp it's grown on him. In these two days he's worked on basics, like dribbling, passing and boxing out, he's so excited that even on tonight's walk he prented he was dribbling while we were walking.

And Jaden. I'm not really sure what I can say about my 2 year old who is fully embracing being 2. It's almost as if he knows that it's called the terrible 2's, which he takes literally as his job description. Be wary of telling him how good he's been, because his response is a wylie little smile that will melt your heart, then he'll walk into the other room and break something or hit one of his siblings, or maybe pull a handfull of hair (literally) out of Ady's head, then he'll just walk quietly away, if he doesn't run to you first complalining about the others that he just beat. Yes, Jaden has embraced the heat of summer as if it were the fires of hell and he were the man in charge...... Ok, it's not quite that bad, but Jaden is as cute as he is stressful, and he's a lot of both.