Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A fun night of mail

Going through the mail tonight I had a solicitation for SEO services for my wife's website, presumably my information was gotten from having paid for the URL. I'll have to remedy that situation. I definitely do not intend to be spammed either in email or paper form from vendors that I'm not interested in.

Plus, I do SEO work myself. What is this solicitation? For only $65 this company will submit my website to 20 search engines and provide me quarterly reports. Hrm. Well I'm already on Google. I'm not all that interested in being extremely highly rated in specific keywords, but know that I am highly rated in some of the topics that happen to be common on my site.

Plus, since my site is a blogspot blog, I'm obviously a Google user and have access to Google Analytics. I'm pretty sure that this piece of junk mail has absolutely nothing to offer of any value whatsoever.

Then the next piece of mail I open is a warranty extension from Dell. Thanks for buying your computer (for only $499,) please extend the warranty to a 3 year warranty for $299.

Um, no thanks, if your computer is high enough quality to make it that long then I'll probably buy another cheap one, if it's not, then I'll move on to another brand, Don't try to sucker me into practically doubling the cost of my computer to ensure that it runs as long as it should anyway. If you really want to give me an offer, then for $40 extend it to a 3 year warranty. Trully stand behind the quality of your parts, then I'll be impressed that I can have security for only $40 and not the cost of another computer, just up front.

At least I don't have my kids getting credit card offers yet, like this story at Getting Rich Slowly talks about.