Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What should you tweet?

I started using twitter back at the beginning of April, with a goal of making it 30 days and actually using it.

I've made it the 30 days, and you can see my most recent twitter posts (tweets) in my sidebar. If you want to see all of my posts, click through to find everything that I've had to say.

Lately I've been trying to twitter more, but I'm still struggling with, what should I tweet? What should anyone tweet?

Twitter itself asks "What are you doing?" If I were to answer that every time that I post it would be, "I'm interrupting something else to just shout out that I wanted to sit at the computer and let you know what it is" or "I'm tweeting". but a thousand posts that say, I'm just typing aren't that useful. What would you care about me?

Maybe the questions are all wrong. What do I care about someone that I follow on twitter?

For people that I don't know personally:
I want to know when someone has an AHA moment or a cool thought.
I want to know what people think about current events.
I want to know when something interesting happens to them.

However, for people that I do know:
I want to know what you are doing and why
I want a glimpse into your life so I can have good personal conversations with you
And I want everything from people that I don't know.

As I write this I think that blogs are the same thing. I have the exact same reasons for following blogs, they are talking about topics that I want more good information about, or they are people that I know and are talking about the things going on in their life. Maybe everyone should have 2 twitter accounts the same as people can have multiple blogs. One for each of the types of information, so you can follow the information that is appropriate to your interest in the person.

What do you think I should tweet?

but with people that I kno