Friday, May 30, 2008

Turn your lists into mind maps

Text 2 Mind Map has a great application to help you turn your list into mind maps.

Mind maps are something I've read about for years now, but I've never had any success with hand drawing them, because my thoughts come out better in jumbles and lists than they do in pictures, whenever I would try to draw a mind map, I would run out of space and and up writing over other things, or putting my additional items into really odd places.

I've looked at some software for this over the years too, but it's always come back to the fact that it took me too long to arrange the lines and the boxes so I could see everything.

Now Text 2 Mind Map has a beta application out that lets you put your list into their text box, and they will make a mind map that you can download. This is pretty cool. It may even open me up to thinking about my tasks in a different way.

Enter your data and see if you like it. It looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Be aware though, even though it says you can download an image, the image produced for download has issues. I created a list that was larger than the page. The image that downloaded was cut off. When I downloaded in the full page mode, the image was downloaded but the text with the images were not.