Thursday, May 29, 2008

City declaring bankruptcy a bad sign

The city of Vallejo California is declaring bankruptcy. This is a very bad sign. Not only are they blaming this on the economy, they are not owning up to the fact that they are and have been running a negative budget for a long time.

What's worse is that there are many states, Illinois included, that are probably not too far from the same kind of actions.

The government already gets all of it's money by taking it from the people it's supposed to server, now it also screws them over by not putting that money back into the community with the businesses that it deals with. That's like ripping the people off twice.

There needs to be a law that no government can be run on a negative budget. Period. The national debt needs to be paid off. You want Social Security to exist in the future? You better demand that the government live within it's own means.

Speak up, tell your elected officials that you want less government and a future.