Sunday, April 13, 2008


If you're anything like my kids, you started singing the song. Every time they see the sign for the Y, they break into song.

Saturday was the first time we've been able to take advantage of the pool. I took Ady and Jonas and we had a good time swimming for just over an hour.

Jonas has just finished swim lessons and did a great job swimming. Ady did an awesome job as well, she was constantly trying to swim on her own and as long as she held on to a noodle she could kick and keep her head up, it was awesome.

She'll be able to swim before long. We got her signed up for swim lessons starting on Tuesday.

Over the next two months there is a lot happening. Ady and Jaden both have swim lessons. Ady has t-ball start and end. Ady's graduates pre-school to move on to full day Kindergarten, Ady's dance class has their one recital.