Monday, April 28, 2008

Sprung a leak

I wish it was me. But I'm not a plumber. Friday night when I got home, the tornado siren was going off, so we ran into the house and down into the basement. It was so comforting to sit in the recently organized basement.

After 20 minutes or so, the watch was cleared and we came upstairs.

Saturday morning, I was headed back to the basement for something and a tote was wet. It's not supposed to be wet there. It didn't take me long to locate a leak in the pipe. There was a pinhole leak in the corner of the pipe that was spraying a good 3 feet. Thankfully the leak was tiny. I was immediately on the phone calling every plumber in the phone book. After calling and leaving messages on all 10 machines, I waited with the water to the house turned off. No potty breaks, no washing hands, no brushing teeth, no washing clothes or dishes. Basically most of the things that were left for me to do, were now off limits.

We waited a few hours, then made plans to go visit a friend and stay until bedtime. The afternoon and evening was a great time visiting and catching up with some good friends.

Then Sunday our savior showed up. Nope, not one of the plumbers we called. None of them had called back yet, another friend in town said he may be able to fix it. He came over and said he could do it. It didn't take long for him to take care of the problem, and being that it's a friend, there was no charge. That's what friendship is all about, helping each other out.

Erin and I do what we can to help them out, and they do what they can to help us out, it's a pretty great friendship.