Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day of baseball

Today is the third opening day of baseball. The first being between Oakland and Boston in Japan. I didn't really follow it. I wasn't at all interested in the game that was half way around the world.

Despite having had two games already played baseball decided to have only 1 game on Sunday again in order to give it prime time ESPN coverage on the 2nd opening day of baseball.

Then finally today the rest of the teams get to play baseball.

My Sox lost 9 to 7 but came back to make it at least interesting, as far as I could tell by tracking it online. I don't expect much this year. The AL Central is going to be very tough. I expect Detroit to win with Cleveland in a close second, pretty much like everyone else. Then I expect Minnesota to surprise everyone and come in 3rd while the Sox and Royals fight for the cellar. Although honestly, I expect the Royals to win that battle.

Without cable this year, I don't expect to follow baseball much more than checking the scores and seeing how bad it is. For me it's already wait til next year, or probably the year after that. C'mon 2010.