Monday, February 25, 2008

Cleaning house feels good

I've read many times how a clean house makes you feel good. It's something that I agree with and anytime I go to someone's house which is clean, like my mother in law's, I feel an exciting peace.

Of course with kids running around my house, it's all Erin and I can do to keep the path of destruction minimized. Constant picking up seems to end in the same result of a messy house.

This weekend was a calm weekend. Jonas and Ady were both at the other houses, and Jaden was mostly calm. Erin and were able to clean house. Really clean house. Toys picked up, counters cleaned and scrubbed, the oven cleaned and scrubbed. I even got through old computers.

I'm a geek that had three used desktops laying around, and two computers that I was supposed to fix. By the end of the weekend, I have two fixed computers and no more. I got rid of all three boxes which were no longer useful. I even went through and threw away most of the extra parts that I had laying around.

This morning I woke up to a mostly peaceful house, the computer desk looks nice and uncluttered in the bedroom, I walked into the kitchen and the counters were spotless. Mmmm peace.

I love a clean house.