Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not quite potty trained

Jaden has kind of been potty training himself and asking to go. He loves it because when he goes in the potty he gets candy. Tonight however, he went too far. While I was giving he and Ady a bath he triumphantly announced, "Daddy! I pooped in the bathtub!". I flipped out and nearly threw up.

After ripping the kids from the tub, rewashing them, scrubbing the tub and all the toys, I finally started getting him dressed. I was still upset so I asked "Why did you do that?" Again he raised both arms up in triumph, "I pooped in the bathtub".

It was so traumatic that I told Erin I wanted to be fixed. I didn't ever want to have another kid that could poop in the potty. I even told her that if she ever did that I would leave her in it. Neither Jonas nor Ady ever made that same mess. But Jaden, he was so proud that he didn't go in his diaper. Now if he will just sit on the potty to do it.