Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Resolutions for the year 2008.
I have no resolutions. In reviewing 2007 I feel I have done very well.

I have many goals for 2008, and a continued healthy lifestyle is part of it. I also plan to keep better track of what I'm reading so I can be sure to read at least 12 fiction books and 4 technology books in 2008.

I have many things that are going to come up from work. I need to start working towards Java certification for my job. I want to start learning Ruby because JRuby may be allowed at work, but also because it's the new hot language that I think it's important to learn.

I plan on running several races this year. I think I'll do 3 5Ks and 1 or 2 longer races. Nothing over a half marathon. I think my running will allow me to sign up for and run a half marathon without any additional training.

Jonas is reading now, and Ady is preparing to be enrolled in Kindergarten next August, I plan to keep working with them on their reading and preparations. Jonas and Ady are signed up for basketball starting January 29th. I'm excited about their involvement in sports.

Erin and I have grown to love having Netflix, and I'm looking forward to continuing to watch a lot of movies in 2008. Having an exercise bike to be able to watch and exercise at the same time has worked well.