Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Biggest Loser Jealousy

I sat home last night and watched the finale for The Biggest Loser. Sitting there I was jealous of the chance that they got to work with a personal trainer and gym membership that they received.

I do what I can with my time but I've never worked with a personal trainer, and I can't afford a gym membership. Watching that show now for 4 seasons, I realize that these people all had the same problem I have. A lack of opportunity. Sure I can get out and run in 10 degree weather all winter long, but it's not the same as being able to hop on a treadmill. The treadmill option is much more appealing in the middle of winter. I can lift weights, but it's not the same as having a spotter there in case I hit my limit, and to push me to increase the weight even if I don't feel I'm mentally ready to do it.

I wasn't surprised at all when the twins were also the two biggest losers last night. They not only had personal trainers to help them, they had each other to support and encourage along the same journey. Time and again people who work in teams accomplish more than individuals do.

I'm jealous of that. I want to be able to work in a team, at a gym, and with a personal trainer. Instead I lift weights at home without a spotter, and I run by myself out in the cold. I may be able to overcome my obstacles, but it would probably be easier if I had someone else there to help me.

A big congratulations to the people who were in the Biggest loser, they did amazing, and it's always great to see people overcoming their difficulties in order to achieve goals.