Monday, December 31, 2007

Missing blogs

I thought to end the year I would throw together all the drafts that I had sitting waiting for posts and get them out. Enjoy the missing blogs throughout my year. My comments are in brackets [].

Jaden Has Tubes 2/10/2007
I was going to write about my fears of possible problems that Jaden could have with his tubes, but then I didn't. I don't know what stopped me, I was still very worried, but I didn't write about it.

Yesterday Jaden had his surgery. Things went well. He was back with the doctor for less than 10 minutes. We were at the hospital a total of 3 hours. Since then the drainage hasn't been too bad.

Jaden has been very cuddly this weekend. Erin made the comment today that although he isn't talking any better, he does appear to be jabbering a lot more and happier.

He was in a great mood today and we spent a lot of time reading books.
[This was a scary time for me. We thought Jaden was having speech problems because of his ears. The surgery was more traumatic than I thought at that time. Jaden started freaking out at doctors office visits after this. His talking is just fine. We aren't sure if it's because he got the tubes or he was just slower at deciding to talk, but he doesn't have any problems at all.]

Times are Busy 3/6/2007
It's strange how busy things have been the past week. Jonas went home on Wednesday last week. This weekend was filled with house cleaning and rearranging. Erin and I spent at least half of Sunday deep cleaning and moving around everything in our bedroom. It was great. I like the layout of the room better now than before, plus it's cleaner and more organized.

Our dog has been strange the past few nights, she's whining in her crate, and she doesn't ever whine. I'm not sure what could be causing it. She has a vet appointment on the 17th, and we'll ask the doc then if there's anything that's changed.

March is upon us, it's starting to warm up and I've been able to get out and run twice in the past week. That's awesome. I also love that the sun is up before I come to work, but that will be turned back this weekend when we all have to change our clocks.
[Ahh yes, I remember running in those early months. Back before I got burnt out in running. I hope to get back into running again next year, but not with the same distance goals, so I won't have to push myself quite as hard. Scarlet, the dog, stopped whinning in her crate, we stopped having her sleep in the crate. My fear of her using the house as her personal latrine were unfounded, she hasn't had a single night-time mistake. The couch is now gone and the living room looks completely different, and not organized at all.]

Opportunity presents itself 3/12/2007
I'm going through a change at work

[I was so informative! The change was with working on a new project, which I did blog about a few times. The project has been a huge success, even though it came with a lot of early stress]

Fame 5/31/2007
A majority of people wouldn't be able to handle fame. It's not surprising so many famous people have problems, they are thrust into the spotlight by accident rather than by personality. The drugs and alcohol help them get over their insecurities to be the famous people that they are, but that also causes a problem.
[Some random discussions I was having about the fact that almost all celebrities end up getting themselves in trouble.]

(Untitled) 6/17/2007
Today is a great day.
The start is always great, anything can happen.
You may have an idea of what can happen,
you may have a schedule, you may even have appointments,
but you never know
And although tomorrow is promised to no one;
Today is full of promise.
[I love new beginnings, the year is about to start and there are so many possibilities.]

(Untitled) 6/17/2007
Jaden's leg was stuck under the table, Erin started panicking and called me over, I went over and picked up the table.
[Of all the funny things that the kids get themselves into, this was probably the funniest.]

Oil dependency is a national security issue 6/20/2007
[This was a huge post with me ranting and carrying on like I know something, I don't.]

Masculine candles 6/26/2007
Masculine candles,
meat, gasoline, motor oil.

Maybe men would buy them.
[Another conversation about innovation at work. We had probably 40 scents that we thought could work as good man scents. Sadly we never followed through on it.]

The king is dead, long live the king. 7/5/2007
It's amazing how fast we can move on after something happens in our lives. Some people have a hard time moving on, but many people
[A great unfinished thought about how some people are able to truly embrace change.]

Time to stretch 9/19/2007
Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you know something is not right. You start to get bored, tired, stagnant.

That's the time when you need to stretch. You are stuck in a rut. You can be stuck in a rut with your business or personal life and it will affect the other.
[I was having a tough time at work. Things worked themselves out, and everything has gotten better since.]

End of the year, a new beginning. 12/21/2007
The end of the year is almost here. I love this time. I like to sit back and look at the year and see what has happened and what was accomplished. Then I make lists of goals and things that I want to do next year. Looking back is motivational, because good things make me want to do more good things, and bad things make me want to do better than I did before.

Then I get to set goals to make next year better and continue to improving myself.
[Here goes, I love the new year.]

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Biggest Loser Jealousy

I sat home last night and watched the finale for The Biggest Loser. Sitting there I was jealous of the chance that they got to work with a personal trainer and gym membership that they received.

I do what I can with my time but I've never worked with a personal trainer, and I can't afford a gym membership. Watching that show now for 4 seasons, I realize that these people all had the same problem I have. A lack of opportunity. Sure I can get out and run in 10 degree weather all winter long, but it's not the same as being able to hop on a treadmill. The treadmill option is much more appealing in the middle of winter. I can lift weights, but it's not the same as having a spotter there in case I hit my limit, and to push me to increase the weight even if I don't feel I'm mentally ready to do it.

I wasn't surprised at all when the twins were also the two biggest losers last night. They not only had personal trainers to help them, they had each other to support and encourage along the same journey. Time and again people who work in teams accomplish more than individuals do.

I'm jealous of that. I want to be able to work in a team, at a gym, and with a personal trainer. Instead I lift weights at home without a spotter, and I run by myself out in the cold. I may be able to overcome my obstacles, but it would probably be easier if I had someone else there to help me.

A big congratulations to the people who were in the Biggest loser, they did amazing, and it's always great to see people overcoming their difficulties in order to achieve goals.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What the...

About once a week I have these grand plans like "I'm going to exercise every day for the next 6 months". "I'll lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and run on The other 4 days". "I can get up and hop on the exercise bike for at least 20 minutes each morning"

Somehow though, I'll only make it through 1 or 2 days of my new life and then I'm off of it again. The winter is harder on me than the rest of the year. During the summer I love to get the kids out and go for walks. I'll work in the garden, mow the yard, and go for runs, but in the winter time. I'm mostly stuck inside. I don't like running in the dark, so other than weekend daytime runs, I rarely get to run outside. The exercise bike is good for me in some respects because I at least get to do something, however, I also don't push myself nearly as hard there as when I run. In short. every winter I gain weight.

At the moment, I'm on the upswing. I'm eagerly looking forward to the winter solstice so the days will finally start getting longer instead of shorter. Maybe at that point I'll be able to get myself more motivated, Nope. There I am pushing off the time at which I'll become motivated. "There is no tomorrow" The line is yelled at Rocky by Apollo Creed in Rocky 3. It echoes in the movie and in my mind. There is no tomorrow. I need to do what I can to keep my life healthy today.