Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marathon complete

It's amazing to look at our goals as we accomplish them. For me the marathon in many ways was a disappointment. I wanted to run it in a certain time and I didn't. But that's because I've put in 12 years of running. I've put in thousands of miles of training, I felt like I was ready, and still the distance beat me. Somewhat.

Sunday morning was cool, and started great. I stood in line with the other 4,000 or so runners, many of which had just left one of the 100 porta-johns lining the start line. At one point as the runners meandered up to the start line I was the absolute last runner in the race, when it came to the finish I ended up not far from that.

Disappointment aside though, I set out to achieve a goal. It was a great goal that was far beyond my abilities. Through lots of tough times and many things that sidetracked me from accomplishing it, the idea of the goal never left. In the end I couldn't allow myself to not accomplish it.

What things in your life are sitting left undone. Is someday maybe waiting for you to make it some day soon? For me that's what this year was for the marathon. It was time to take that dream goal and make it a reality. I am now a marathoner, and I can achieve any of my goals if I set my mind to it and act.