Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I need garbage bags

I'm a list person. I've always been a list person. It was drilled into me as a child. If we were going shopping, we had to have a list of what we needed. We had a grocery list, and a list of the price that things were on sale for at each store.

Then I had my list of chores.

About two years ago I started hearing about GTD. For months I heard about this new craze. It was everywhere I was looking.

Finally, I borrowed a book, the book, on GTD which is Getting Things Done by David Allen, and wham!

This was it!!! Someone who finally fully understood the benefit of lists.

I had to try it, do it, absorb it, become GTD.

I may not be a loud GTD evangelist, and there are a lot of them out there. But I am an avid follower. And even when I occasionally get off-track. It's easy to get back on track.

The biggest benefit I have with my new list making schemes is that I've gotten enough of a grasp on my life that I'm finally able to think about things at a higher level than just "I need garbage bags." And at that time, my life had practically become overwhelmed with that level of profound thought..