Friday, September 21, 2007

I love office chairs

I love office chairs. They are soft and supportive. Tall enough for my long legs, and relaxing enough to tilt back in. I can sit up and really get down to work, or sit back and reflect on life, and think.

Office chair, office chair, what can't you do?

You can roll from room to room swivel for my own ease of use, or the kids entertainment.

If I had enough money I would replace every chair in my house with an office chair. There would be four of them at my kitchen table, it could be the boardroom, where we just happen to eat all of our meals. The breakfast counter would have two more. I'd have one in front of the piano, and one in front of the computer. I'd even go as far as getting an extra one to sit in the toy room so the kids could use it to read books next to the bookshelf.