Monday, August 20, 2007

Movies, movies, everywhere

The past several days my head has been filled with movies. There are so many things that I want to watch that I haven't seen over the past decade. Erin and I have been talking about it for a while, and we both think that there are more movies out there that we are interested in than TV. If I were to start feeding my movie starved mind I would surely run up a big bill quickly. Therefore we are going to look at getting Netflix.

By now everyone has heard of Netflix. I'm kind of surprised that more local video stores haven't gone out of business since Netflix started. I myself am going to be a late adopter. That's one of those people who sit on the sideline and wait for something to be established before they start using it.

There are a few benefits that Netflix has that I will probably just be restating, but it's part of why Erin and I are going to do it.
    • No more trips to the video store. It's not that it's far to the store, only 5 blocks from home, but taking 2 or 3 kids with me is a pain.
    • No more not knowing what I want. I hate walking into a store and hoping to find something I want. When I'm online I can look at movies and reviews and add them to the list as soon as I hear about them. When I'm at the video store it's very random.
    • No more late fees. You wouldn't think that this is a big problem only having to go 5 blocks, but the last 4 times we've rented movies we've had to pay late fees. We even owe late fees for our library movies which are free. Erin said it the other day. Netflix was made for people like us.
    • More movie watching. I don't have cable anymore, and I don't get out to movies, but if I pay for Netflix you can sure as heck bet that I'm going to set aside more time to watch movies. There's no point in paying to not watch movies. I average maybe 2 movies a month, I expect that to increase to 2 a week, which is a huge increase in movies watching.
    • More variety. At the video store there are so many things that I haven't seen that I don't even get into the sections of the store that have the things I missed last year and the year before. With Netflix I'll see the new ones, but I'll also start getting into movies from the past decade that I've missed. Plus, if things get slow, I may just check out a whole new genre that I would have normally skipped, such as the slasher movies.
There is only one downside that I can think of. I can't on a whim get up and go to the video store for movies without paying more. If I happen to be in a situation where I've seen all of my movies and want to watch more, I'd have to run to the video store and rent them risking all of the things that I just worried about.

Netflix is a very cool mix of online tech and snail mail though. It's like Amazon only they expect every product to be returned. I like that kind of thinking. About 10 years ago a friend and I were sitting around talking and came up with the idea of Pizza and a Movie. You would go online and order your pizza and a movie and they would both be delivered to your house. I've seen that some big cities are doing this now, but I'm shocked it hasn't caught on in the more rural areas. It's the smaller towns that could really eat up something like that. At least Netflix makes it one step closer, you can get your movie delivered to you in the mail, and you can call your local Pizza Hut and have it delivered.