Monday, August 06, 2007

How to get your motivation back

If you are lacking some motivation for productivity in your life, it may be because you've got something on your mind that's been there for too long. A project that's been sitting for a while can become a drain mentally even when you aren't working on it. Sometimes getting a project onto a list isn't enough. When a project isn't just a dream, but something that needs to be accomplished it can still drain energy.

Get starting by finding the project that really nags at you. You'll know it pretty quickly. When you read through your list it's the one that makes your stomach turn, the one that people say something about, or the one that is really visible and you worry about someone saying something about. Decide that this project is no longer on hold, but that the rest of things will be. You may say right here "but my current projects are too important to put on hold". That may be, but you would be getting them done better and faster without this energy drain.

Accomplish one of those long waiting projects and your energy will soar.

I have had this problem myself. I have gone a long time without feeling like I was performing up to my ability. I would do great things while at work, my creativity was high, my performance was, my mood was great, then I'd go home and feel down. I'd walk into my house and see the unfinished living room wall. The wall that looked the same for the past 14 months. Some time before we bought our house the front porch had been turned into a room of the house. However, the giant picture window had never been removed, it remained offering a view of the next room. The previous owners never had a problem with this, however, with three kids my wife and I were worried that this could be a disaster. As soon as we could we set on removing the window, you can see pictures at my previous post Living Room Changes and More Living Room Pics

However, since that day, the wall remained the same, unfinished. Just a piece of drywall, ugly. I would walk into the house and it would stare at me. After too many months of explaining it away I finally said "that's enough, this is getting done today". It was not a convenient task. I had to move the furniture out of the room and keep the kids busy without them tromping through the highest traffic room of the house. With a day of frustration for my wife, who had to deal with the kids, I was able to finish the wall and get it painted, now it looks like a normal wall. In the few days since then, my desire to be productive has soared.