Friday, August 24, 2007

Always do your best.

I love Springtime. The trees are just starting to bud and show life. The grass starts to turn green after being brown and buried by snow. The smell of morning dew and the coming rain fill your nose. It's the start of life and the beginning of baseball.

I was almost 12 and made it into Little League for the first time. Little league is a privilege because not everyone makes it. I was drafted by the team my dad coached, that had won the league the previous year. I was excited. Since my dad was one of the coaches, I figured I was going to get to play wherever I wanted. I was wrong.

My dad didn't treat me differently. I was expected to meet the same standards as everyone else, only I heard about it both at practice and at home. "Do it again. You're not trying. You can do better. Run" Run meant down to a telephone pole and back, it was about a quarter mile round trip. Anytime we made a mistake during a drill we had to run. I ran a lot. If I wasn't running hard enough I had to run again. Every drill we did had two purposes. First we were expected to learn the fundamentals of baseball, but more importantly we were expected to always try our best. It wasn't important enough for us to be the best at our positions. Everyone plays with a different ability level. What my coaches pushed for was for each of us to find out how far we could push ourselves to be the best that we could. The army slogan may be flashing through your mind "Be all that you can be". It was very much that same philosophy.

My life is much different now than it was at 12, but that philosophy hasn't changed. I still approach everything that I do with that attitude. I always give 100%, and I don't have to be the best at what I do, but I do have to try my best.