Friday, July 06, 2007

Power 90 week 1 review

Day 1 Friday June 29th.
The first day of the workout. It was a good workout. I can't finish the pushups. That's a bit frustrating since I can actually do 50 pushups, but I don't regularly do the narrow or wide pushups in the video. The narrow ones are what is stopping me right now.

Day 2 Monday July 2nd.

Overall the video works the triceps a lot more than what I have typically worked my triceps. I have always wanted my arms to get bigger in the bicep without having to have huge triceps. This program works the triceps separately, plus they are used in all of the pushup and shoulder moves.

I have only done the Circuit training for it for two days, but it is already working. I don't mean that I look better or stronger, I mean that I am feeling a good burn in my muscles from a good workout. I'll keep track of how I feel and how I do with this program and post monthly updates.

Day 3 Wednesday July 4th
Another good workout. I still dropped to my knees for girl pushups on the final set of close pushups to be able to finish them. Other than that I was able to finish everything. It's amazing that I can run 10 miles straight, but my heart pounds more from this 30 minutes of working out more than it does after the run.

Day 4 Friday July 6th. I had to switch my runs around and have a very long run on Saturday, so instead of working out Friday I skipped it to rest my legs.